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Where are we?

A political transformation has occurred in our country over the last 5 years. What used to matter doesn't anymore. The way we say things has changed. The issues we talk about are different. Targeted audiences have been turned upside down. We stand in a new political world, one that barely resembles the environment from just a short time ago.


These are scary times for the tired DC political consultant class. They wish our political world would go back to the way it used to be, when these consultants could afford to deliver cookie-cutter, pre-packaged plans in a static environment. DC's consultant class may be trying to bring us back to a pre-2016 world, but that world no longer exists.


National Public Affairs hasn't just been on the frontlines of America's political realignment - we helped engineer it. We built the most robust political, grassroots and communications movement in American history - and then we did it a second time.

Where we go from here

Our team at National Public Affairs has its finger firmly on the pulse of America's ever-evolving political dynamic. Better than anyone, we know the issues, messaging, targeting and activism driving today's discourse. We know where America's movement stands and where we're going - because we've been the ones driving it all along.


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Meet Our Team

Bill Stepien

National Public Affairs Founding Partner

In July 2020, Bill was tapped by President Donald J. Trump to serve as his Campaign Manager and executed a 111-day campaign that won more votes than any Republican presidential campaign in history. Bill previously served as the White House Political Director and as National Field Director during the 2016 Trump campaign. A veteran of national and state politics, Bill managed both of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s statewide victories and served in senior political roles in the 2008 McCain and 2004 Bush campaigns.

Justin Clark

National Public Affairs Founding Partner

Justin is a veteran of Republican politics. Most recently, he served as Deputy Campaign Manager on President Donald J. Trump’s reelection campaign. Prior to joining the campaign, Justin served at the White House as a Deputy Assistant to the President as both the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and the Director of Public Liaison. Justin had previously served as Deputy National Political Director of the 2016 Trump campaign and served in senior leadership roles on several nationally targeted state and federal races.

Nick Trainer

Managing Director

Nick has worked on Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Congressional and local elections and brings a wide variety of experience with a unique strategic vision to National Public Affairs. Nick served President Donald J. Trump in three roles: as Special Assistant to the President and Director of Regional Political Operations in the White House Office of Political Affairs, then on his re-election campaign as Director of Delegates & Party Organization and Director of Battleground Strategy. Nick previously held senior political roles at the Republican National Committee and multiple state parties.

Faith mcpherson

associate Director

Faith’s experience spans multiple Senatorial and Congressional offices and the Republican National Committee. She also worked in a variety of roles for President Trump; prior to joining the President’s re-election campaign in 2019, she served in the White House as an Associate Director in the Office of the First Lady.

Tom Bonfonti

Associate Director

A New Jersey native, Tom has delivered victories in the toughest of environments, advising candidates for governor to town council (and everything in between). Tom builds grassroots campaigns because winning fights at the ground level is what elects members to Congress and governors to state capitols. Tom was the architect of the grassroots infrastructure at the Ocean County (NJ) GOP, which delivered the 3rd largest vote plurality in the country for President Trump in 2020.

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