Political Strategy



VP, Digital Strategy

Our firm’s origins are rooted in political strategy.

We’ve run the biggest, highest stakes campaigns in history and know what it’s like to pull all-nighters in headquarters.

We've expanded our service portfolio to allow seamless integration between all facets of your campaign, providing a better product and saving you money.

We only work on projects we are passionate about.

We know that winning campaigns are built around the strength of the candidate, not a cookie-cutter approach.

We focus on the whole of the campaign, not the parts that make consultants money.

There's no detail too small for – this comes from the races we've won, where near perfect execution is necessary.

We represent some of the most conservative and most moderate elected officials and we are successful because we build campaigns around them and their brand.

Won 2022’s only US Senate special election

Gave her opponent the largest raw vote loss for an incumbent Member of Congress since World War II

Won 2022 General by 23%, just 2 years after switching parties

Won the most contentious member-on-member election of the cycle

Re-elected in the nation’s most conservative district

First GOP pickup in Oregon since 1994, first ever Republican woman, first ever Hispanic