Research and Strategy

The elections of 2020 further exposed the deficiencies of the polling industry: outdated methodologies, poor sampling, incorrect analysis. We know that polling shouldn’t just provide accuracy of horserace, it must provide actionable intel. Polling must be fast and accurate – and it should be affordable. Some pollsters check 1 or 2 of those boxes, but no one delivers all 3 like we do.

The NPA Approach to Research & Strategy

We ask questions where people are comfortable answering them
We DO NOT set quotas on the method of answering a response
We DO set quotas on the person’s method of voting
Shorter and more frequent surveys (same cost, more data points)
More verbatim responses on issue sets
We ask poll questions with an end product or message in mind, and we do more focus grouping on issues
We don’t just spit numbers out at you, we use our years of experience to guide the strategy.